Before the tattoo

Here I give you the best possible advice for your new tattoo.

1 week before please acknowledge the appointment by phone

The deposit for your appointment means that it is only for the tattoo which we discussed about.

You can cancel or postpone your appointment 48 hours before at the latest.

If you don't come to your appointment I take the deposit.

If you come to late please inform me by phone.

1 day before please don't take any alcohol, any hard drugs, any medicaments, any tranquilizer or stimulant.

1 day before please shave the place on which the new tattoo will be.

Have a good sleep and eat something before you will come to your appointment. You can bring your favourite sweets or non-alcohol-drinking with you but no alcohol or Red Bull or something like this.

If you have a little cold or you will be a little ill the tattoo can be really painful please be 100% fit.

Don't go crazy about your new tattoo be really relaxed.

Please wear comfortable clothes.

Please buy a Bepanthen Roche you need it after tattooing.

If you follow these instructions the process of tattooing can not be as worst as you think.



Instruction after the tattoo

You are responsible for the healing of your new tattoo. Each tattoo is a small wound and it needs a little care. The artist apply you a bandage. Please let the bandage as long as your artist tell you.

After removing of the bandage please wash the tattoo with cold fresh water you can take a little bit of soap.

After the cleaning with cold water take a tissue and make it dry but don't rub. After this take Bepanthen Roche and put it on but not too much.

In the first week wash the tattoo 2 times a day and cream it at least 3 times a day.

At the beginning the tattoo should not look dry

After 1 week you have to do the following:

Wash the tattoo 1 time a day and cream it at least 2 times. You should do so as along as your tattoo is completely healed. Take care of the following:

Never scratch the tattoo.

Don't let your tattoo getting dry.

Don't go in the first 3 weeks in the sun or sun bed.

Don't go in the first 2 weeks to public pools / sauna / sea flooded gravel-pit.

In the first 7 days take showers.

In the first few days take only a little soap.

Don't expose your new tattoo big dirtiness. Don't wear fluffy clothes. No beach and bubble party or something like this.

Don't take another cream instead the artist recommends to you.

Don't let animals at your new tattoo. Change the bedclothes.

If you take care of all this points you will have no problems with the healing.

But if you have problems please let me know.

Have a lot of fun with your new tattoo